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Amplify Black Stories

Static Site

Role: Freelance Web/Front-End Developer

Codebase: Lunacy (Sketch), HTML, CSS, responsive design, and media queries.

Duration: August 2020 - May 2021

Launched: April 2021

Live Site

As a Freelance Web/Front-End Developer, I worked with another developer and a designer to build this site from scratch. We met with the clients regularly for feedback and worked with the designer on best practices for design and development.
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The ABS team came to us looking to create a platform to showcase the stories of the Black experience thought the voices and art of Black creatives. The goal was to showcase a Featured Artist and to share these stories in hopes of not only supporting Black creatives but to also spark meaningful conversations around race.


The designer worked together with myself and another developer to create a clean, thoughtful design that looked flawless and sleek on all devices.
The site was built statically, with plans to integrate a CMS and dynamic code to allow the ABS team to update images, text, and the Featured Artists without the need for a developer.
Our team met regularly with the client to present the site and get feedback and QA requests from them.


The static site was launched successfully, but the ABS team did not continue with the site due to lack of time and funding.

Live Site

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Home Screen

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About Screen