Audits, Consultations, & Small Edits

A website audit is a great way for new businesses and organizations to make big improvements with a small budget.

Below are some clients who asked for a website audit or small edits and their results.

Align The Heart Website image

Align The Heart

This client built her own website and wanted feedback from someone who works on websites professionally. She received feedback from me in the form of images and video clips, with documentation as to why these suggestions would improve the site.
The owner was able to make these changes herself in just 30 minutes and saw an immediate improvement in the look and feel of her site.

Enterprise Maps LLC

This client asked for a few edits to be made on his site to improve the look and feel. He wanted to keep the minimalistic style that his site already had, while changing it up to give it a more sleek feel.
He got a brand new website layout as well as custom-made icons to represent the services he offers.
Enterprise Maps LLC website image
We Are Relieve website image

We Are Relieve

This client asked for a website audit, SEO improvement, and a load screen for mobile for their Wix site.
They recieved a 20 minute video + screen recording audit of their website so that they could go back and make any edits I suggested as they saw fit. When it came time for launch, they felt very confident about their site's look and feel and it's SEO.
"..I am so grateful you told me about the space on the button text, because I definitely want to fix little details like that, even if no one else notices."


This client was experienced with WordPress and built this whole site without a developer. However, some things weren't working the way she expected.
I was able to go into the code and figure out exactly what was going on.
In just an hour, I was able to fix what she'd struggled with for months. Now the site looks just how she wanted it to look on mobile devices.
SideQuest website image
Solstiss Lace website image

Solstiss Lace

We took this world-wide luxury French lace brand's Shopify site from "Etsy" to "high-end brand worn by celebrities and models".
When they came to us, their site did not reflect their brand. Most of their website traffic was not coming from their desired clientele, so people would leave their site after just a few seconds.
I redid this entire site to make it responsive on all devices and accesible by screen readers. Custom code was added to give the pages a clean "collage" feel to them. We also redid their SEO and assessed market data to ensure their users had the best experience. Now their website showcases their amazing brand and all of the luxury fashion brands, models, and celebrities they have worked with across the globe.

If you're looking for a website audit, you are in the right place