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Static Site - Personal Portfolio

Role: Freelance Web/Front-End Developer

Codebase: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and media queries.

Duration: April 2023 - May 2023

Launched: May 2023

Live Site

As a Freelance Web/Front-End Developer, I brought Veronica's portfolio to the next level. I built new sections, reworked existing sections, and made the codebase more manageable. I met with the client regularly for feedback and worked with her on best practices for design and development.
View of home screen - mobile


This client had a live portfolio that she coded from scratch, but as a designer, she wanted to make it pop a bit more. The goal was to add animations to the page to give it more personality. In addition, she wanted the page to scroll horizontally instead of vertically on desktop, to make it her portfolio stand out.
View of home screen - mobile
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Home Screen


The first step was to make sure each section of the site would fit into one average-sized desktop screen (or larger). Upon turning the site horizontal, I reworked any CSS to make sure everything fit and looked professional.
I then made sure that the site still worked on mobile, as the site was going to scroll vertically on tablets and phones.
I worked closely with the client to work through any user experience issues I anticipated based on the desired look and feel of her portfolio site.


My edits were launched successfully, and the client was incredibly happy with how it turned out. She was very happy to see her designs and idea live.

Live Site

"I needed help with coding my professional portfolio site. I had a design in mind and didn't want to go with a generic Squarespace or other template site. Nikki came to the rescue! She was responsive, easy to work with, and delivered exactly what we'd discussed. She set up expectations as we went along and I'm super happy with the results. Her rates are reasonable, her delivery was on time, and she had useful suggestions and feedback along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

-Veronica A, Designer