"I've hired Nikki to work on two separate websites for me (one Shopify, one WordPress) for two very different tasks and would happily hire them to do more. They work quickly and efficiently with clear communication , and I was never in doubt that they would accomplish the task before them. I really appreciate clear communication from a developer, and Nikki excelled at discussing the proposed changes with clear ideas and solutions to meet my needs. Nikki is an asset to any development project you have!"

Missy B. | Writer and Shopify Store Manager

"I needed help with coding my professional portfolio site. I had a design in mind and didn't want to go with a generic Squarespace or other template site. Nikki came to the rescue! She was responsive, easy to work with, and delivered exactly what we'd discussed. She set up expectations as we went along and I'm super happy with the results. Her rates are reasonable, her delivery was on time, and she had useful suggestions and feedback along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

Veronica A. | Graphic Designer

" Working with Nikki has been an absolute pleasure! She is top-notch when it comes to customer service. Her expertise and professionalism made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. She was quick to take action on my project and delivered before the due date. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking web services. "

Kathy H. | Life Coach

Nikki built me an amazing website for my side business! They made it very easy to have the site look how I wanted and add reviews from another site. They also host my website for me which makes it even easier!

Alexander W. | Independent Contract Welder

We are so thankful we had Nikki when it came to designing our website for our nonprofit. She is extremely amenable, courteous, and diligent. Honest as the day is long, technically proficient and always sweet and selfless. Rare qualities in anyone these days, let alone someone you might be lucky enough to have designing your website. Thank you, Nikki!

Natalie C. | Non-Profit Owner

Nikki and Machiko collaborated to successfully revamp Shikohin's ecom store with a beautiful upgrade. We observed a 20-30% drop in bounce rate and a clear improvement in user engagement. We highly recommend Nikki and her network for web development projects.

Alfred N. | Ecommerce Head of Operations

"I hired Nicole H. to help me on two different front-end web development projects: one greenfield site, and another Shopify ecommerce redesign. She is a reliable developer and a great colleague in meetings with clients and more. Highly recommend."

Machiko Y. | Web Developer

"Nikki helped me with a coding question for my Squarespace website. It was a difficult question for a custom function and Nikki promptly assisted me.

Really looking forward to working with her in the future! Thanks Nikki!"

David K. | Designer

"Nikki has been unbelievably helpful in helping me edit my website! She gave me feedback to make it work seamlessly and user-friendly from multiple screen sizes. I had no prior experience to creating or editing a website through Wix, and her input really made a difference in elevating the aesthetics and functionality. She transformed it from a novice clunky site to a professional one. ... I highly recommend Nikki to anyone who is looking to create and edit a website from scratch or if using a website creator. She will help make it look professional, beautiful, and totally seamless for the user! Thank you so much Nikki!!!"

Therese A. | LMFT

"Nikki was hired to revamp my site and make it responsive for mobile devices. She was a great communicator and consistently demonstrated her expertise in UX/UI and working with code. She talked through options with me and gave me ideas on what would be best based on what I wanted, and fixed small things that made my site look much better on all device sizes.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a developer who can deliver high-quality results in a timely and cost-effective manner."

Morgan B. | Researcher and Ph.D Student

"Nikki was a diligent programmer who quickly adapted to the team's way of working. Nikki wrote excellent documentation and her code quality was excellent. Nikki worked on both independant new projects and worked on porting legacy functionality to modern systems in Java, Typescript, HTML, CSS and Angular. Nikki always worked closely with the team to perform data mapping and build ETL pipelines using Apache NIFI. I would recommend Nikki to anyone with a collaborative team who needs someone with a strong work ethic."

Alexander H. | Application Program Manager

"Nicole is a real pro! She quickly helped me make some adjustments to my Shopify site and made sure everything was perfect each step of the way."

Dominic N. | Ecommerce Store Owner

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